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Vodka Fever


The Sports Bar is happy to introduce three new drinks for August, the rainy month of the year. Moo Nam Tok (THB 220++) inspired by the famous boat noodles of Rangsit province, the cocktail is a unique blend of Ketel One vodka, lime juice, Tomato juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco sauce, and Noodle spice. Rangsit Cooler (THB 200++) is the exciting combination of Smirnoff vodka, Fresh lime juice H.W. Triple sec, Sugar syrup, Egg white, and sweet basil that will keep your night young. Cloud 114 (THB 150++) The perfect combination of the blend between green apple syrup, Fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, and berry tea. that will keep you up all night. The promotion is available at Sports Bar from 11.00 hrs. to 23.00 hrs.

Special deal for the next level of drinking! Add THB 250++ for a range of quality vodkas, including Ciroc vodka, Reyka Batch vodka, Suntory Haku Craft vodka, and Crystal Head vodka.

Moon Nam Tok THB 220++/glass
Kete One vodka, Lime Juice, Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, Noodle spice, Salt, and Pepper

Rangsit Cooler THB 200++/glass
Smirnoff vodka, H.W. Triple sec, Lime juice, Sugar syrup, Egg white, and sweet basil

Cloud 114 THB 150++/glass
1883 Green apple syrup, Lime juice, sugar syrup, and Berry tea

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