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Monthly Special on June

Special throughout the month of June, receive it for free! Brazilian food set Traditional menu from Brazil

#SpecialComplimentary Get it for free! biro biro rice set, a traditional menu from Brazil available every day throughout June. In the churrasco dinner buffet at Pedro Churrascaria.

This set consists of

  • Hot cooked Brazilian rice Beautiful, slender rice grains mellow taste and premium quality, inviting to eat
  • Finely mashed potatoes Until smooth, soft and uniform.
  • Feigioada, Brazil’s national dish, is made from black beans, smoked meats, and sausage, boiled until tender. Season with various spices. until it has a mellow taste

#Special price promotion Get more than 40% off when you reserve your seat 48 hours in advance online. (Pay at the restaurant)

  • The Grand Churrasco Buffet Dinner

Prices start at just 1,190 baht net (from normal 2,200 baht net)

  • Churrasco Dinner Buffet

Prices start at just 990 baht net (from normal 1,800 baht net)

*Price does not include drinks. Special price for water drinks and soft drinks, unlimited refills, 150 baht net/person.



Offer Terms & Conditions

– Conditions are in accordance with the restaurant’s policies.

– Prices do not yet include 7% tax and 10% service charge.

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